Amazing facts

1.The only part of the human body which doesn't get oxygen supply is the cornea of the eye
2.A dalmition is born with no spots on its body.Spots begin to appear only after 3 weeks
3.Men can read smaller prints than women while women can hear better.
4.The first novel ever written on a typewriter was Tom Sawyer.
5.No word in the English language rhymes with month,orange,silver or purple.

6.The Amazon rainforest produces half the world' oxygen supply.

7.Proffesional ballerinas use about 12 pairs of shoes per week.

8.The australian $5 $10 $20 $50 and $100 notes are made out of plastic.

9.Your left lung is smaller than your right lung.

10.When a giraffe's baby is born ,it falls from a height of 6 feet normally without being hurt.

11.Cleopatra used pomegranate seeds for lipstick.

12.You cannot lick your elbow.

13.And finally those who read this will try to lick their elbow.